Before you self-publish,

enter a literary contest,

or submit your work to an agent,

let a copy editor polish your words.

  •  Writers are too close to their words to see the mistakes.

  • Authors know what they want to say, but the words may not be clear to readers.

  • Computer editing programs (and friends) are not as thorough as an experienced copy editor.

  • Spell-check misses many types of typos.

  • Poor word choices lurk within drafts.

  • Strings of little words ramble across the pages when a succinct expression is needed.

  • An editor's fresh, objective eyes will recommend which superfluous words to cut.

  • Editors suggest corrections that retain the author's voice.

  • Writers may not see the clichés, mixed metaphors, and overly used similes within their work.

  • Weak verbs, adverbs, and too many adjectives may live in the pages of your unedited fiction.

  • Choppy transitions, poor sentence structure, and unclear language can disrupt the flow of a beautiful story.

  • An experienced editor can point out problems with misplaced antecedents, dangling modifiers, and shifts in tense. 

Why Pay An Editor

1. Correcting errors in:

  • Grammar

  • Spelling

  • Punctuation

  • Tense

  • Syntax

  • Echoes

  • Spaces

  • Format

  • Font

2. Highlighting inconsistencies with:

  • Style

  • Usage

  • POV

  • Tone

  • Mood

  • Flow

  • Setting

  • Names

  • Dates

  • Passage of Time

3. Retaining the author's voice while pointing out problems with:

  • Passive Voice

  • Show Versus Tell

  • Back Story

  • Info Dumping

  • Pace

  • Inauthentic Dialogue

What My Service Includes

  • Email me through my contact page.

  • I accept work as an attachment in Microsoft Word.

  • Please use double spacing, Times New Roman, 12-point font, and one inch margins.

  • I am happy to reformat your work, but reformatting may change your page count and price.

  • I can usually return your work in one week. I will give you an estimated date of completion.

  • I will edit your work referencing The Chicago Manuel of Style, 17th ed. and Merriam-Webster's 11th Collegiate Dictionary.

  • All edits and comments will be offered via Microsoft Word.

  • I welcome questions or comments after the edit.

  • You may send two pages for a sample edit.

  • My rate is $3.00 per page for:

    • full manuscripts

    • chapters of longer works

  • My rate is $35.00 for:

    • queries

    • synopses

  • If your submission contains extensive errors on every page, I reserve the right to stop working and renegotiate the price.

  • If we cannot agree, I will return the project with a refund.

  • I accept payment through PayPal.

How My Service Works

NOT Included

I will not:

  • Rewrite Your Work

  • Give Legal Advice

  • Fact Check


I will not be responsible for libel within your work.

If you need legal advice before publication, contact an attorney. Anne Dalton is an attorney in Florida who offers consultation for professionals in the creative arts.

Give your work its best chance at readership

by making your words the best they can be.

I love revisions.

Where else in life can spilled milk be transformed into ice cream?

                                                               -Katherine Patterson

                                                                                   Author of Bridge to Terabithia

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